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Vietnam Vet Bring Back Viet Cong Soviet Ssh60 Helmet /Chinese Canteen
Soviet Ssh60 Helmet

Shell In Good Used Condition, Adjustable Liner In worn Condition.
Shell has "Viet" scratched on the inside and "Viet" Ink stamped on the chin strap by the buckle, that is hard to see with the naked eye, see photo.
The chine strap is soft and playable, the side with the buckle holes has a crack partway through.
Small shrapnel hole by the rivet on the left side, that also cut the white lace in half, there was dried blood on the liner that I removed.
Soviet number stamp 1 3571
This is a great improvement over the Ssh40 witch came in 4 different shell sizes.
The Ssh60 is fully adjustable with the use of the laces, you can adjust it to Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large.
It is adjusted just about all the way out to fit my huge Mellon, 62 cm

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Also comes with

North Vietnamese Army Viet Cong Chinese Canteen
with Pouch Battle damaged
Standard 1 liter aluminum type with Bakelite cap comes with olive drab belt-type carrier. inside needs cleaning, No Cup.
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The North Vietnamese Army were supplied hundreds of thousands of steel helmets during the War. These helmets came mostly from the USSR, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary but also came from the East Germans and Yugoslavs. The Chinese were not mass producing steel helmets during the 1960s.

In the North, they were routinely worn by anti-aircraft units. They were extensively issued along the HCM Trail due to the constant bombing there. They were also carried by Infantry soldiers to the South and were worn and captured in battle.

In the South, many NVA became friendly fire casualties due to wearing helmets without camouflage. They were mistaken for ARVN soldiers and shot. As a result, many NVA helmets brought back from Vietnam have netting of some kind. The nets made of cotton, bamboo reeds and communication wire of various colors. I once read that in 1966 the NVA Command gave an order to all units to attach nets to lower the friendly fire rate.


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