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Roman Battle Gladius Sword

For many years, the gladius was the typical Roman sword of war; it was featured not only in their military tactics, but as the most efficient sword of their era, used for personal defense and for games on the Coliseum. And the Roman Battle Gladius is an excellent example of why; the gladius is a deadly weapon, with a brutally efficient design that enabled it to be a mainstay of the Roman army for hundreds of years. This gladius has a leaf-like blade with hard edges, making it not only ideal for cutting but for delivering the punishing thrust that the Romans used so often in their battle tactics. The hilt is cast bronze-metal, with ornate depictions of various Roman scenes as well as other leaf-like designs. The scabbard is also set with similar bronze-metal castings, set with more scenes from Roman life. As a legionary's primary weapon, dozens of swords just like the Roman Battle Gladius served in hundreds upon hundreds of conflicts, demonstrating why it was the weapon of a dominant military force.

Key Features

Includes Scabbard

Stainless Steel Blade

Bronze-Metal Decorations on Guard, Pommel, and Scabbard


Overall Length: 30 Inches



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