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Original NOS Czechoslovakia Vz53 With Leather Y strap And Red Star

As with many of the Warsaw Pact countries the influence of the WWII Soviet designs shows through here with the Vz53
This Vz53 has had an additional "Y" strap added which gave the helmet more stability, though not seen in as big a numbers as the single strap version.
Condition is unissued, has some minor scuffs from storage.
Size large 58-60cm
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During and after the German occupation of Czechoslovakia during WW2, the Czechoslovak Army were using a variety of helmets, including the Czechoslovak M32, the German M35, M40 and M42 Stahlhelms, Hungarians M38s and Russian Ssh 40s. After the seizure of power of the Communist Party in 1948 and the inclusion of the country in the Warsaw Pact in 1949, the Czech military decided to bring a new helmet as part of the harmonization of the equipment of the member states of the Warsaw Pact. At first, Russian Ssh 40 shells were used. Their six liner holes were plugged by rivets and three new rivets were installed for the new liner. This model is unofficially known as the Vz.52. The new helmet, the Vz.53, first adopted in 1951, was very similar in shape to the Russian Ssh 40, just like the helmets of other Warsaw Pact countries. Due to the country's economic situation and due to serious shortages of steel, the production began in 1951 but the helmets were distributed as from late 1952. The new helmet will be distributed en masse to the army until 1953. This helmet will be appointed by collectors in relation to the year of massive distribution and not the year adoption, to give the designation helmet Vz. 53. While its shape is reminiscent of the Russian Ssh 40 helmet, the liner is not. It is attached to a metal strap, itself fixed to the shell by three mechanical rivets placed high on the helmet and it will be manufactured in three sizes because the liner is adjustable. The helmet Vz 53 will be used in the Czech Army during the Cold War and after the collapse of the former USSR. This collapse led to the dissolution of Czechoslovakia to give birth in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Vz 53 helmet remained in use in these armies, until the slow introduction of newer Kevlar helmets. The helmet was modified a number of times, with the changes being in the type of chinstrap used. The early models had a single leather strap. Later models had a Y-style leather chinstrap while the latest models had a Y-style green nylon chinstrap.


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