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Ten Ryu Sword Stand


Katana were rarely made alone. Usually, they were a part of the daisho, meaning that every katana had a matching wakizashi. And if your prized katana is the same way, this Double Sword Black Lacquered Stand will let you display both as a matched pair. This attractive stand is just the item to make a pair of attractive swords into a stunning display, as it possesses a distinctive and impressive look, all on its own. The stand is made entirely from hardwood and features an attractive black lacquered finish. Each of the two tiers for the stand feature a red velvet lining, which ensures that swords placed in the stand won't soon get scratched or scuffed. The stand also features a unique Japanese emblem on its horizontal base, added as a touch of decoration. This Double Sword Black Lacquered Stand is the perfect addition to your collection, especially if you're looking to show off your unique katana-wakizashi set, although it also serves perfectly for showing off any pair of swords, as well a single sword and its utterly unique sheath.

Key Features

  • Made from Glossy Black Lacquered Wood
  • A Free-Standing Table Top Double Sword Stand
  • Decorated with a Gold Emblem Decal
  • Holders are Lined with Red Velvet
  • Great for Showing Off a Prized Katana or Sword




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