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Silver Pirate Saber

Is your pirate lacking that oomph that elevates him from simple buccaneer to gentleman-thief on the high seas?

Well maybe this will fill that void; give him a Silver Pirate Saber, a well-used but well-loved buccaneer's blade.

This sword looks well-used, to be sure; the blade is burnished and dark, with an antique finish that only enhances the look of a used blade that none-the-less has been shown great care.

Emblazoned on the metal-plated riassco is a pair of crossed sabers, adding a modicum of decoration to the weapon.

The guard has the look of rugged simplicity, making it the weapon of not only a pirate who cared about his appearance, but also wanted a fully functional sword'guard included.

This Silver Pirate Saber is sure to add the touch of panache that any gentleman-pirate needs to complete his ensemble (or, really, to any pirate costume, be it for man or woman).

Key Features

38" Overall

Antique black finished steel blade

Wire Wrapped handle

Wooden scabbard features a cast metal throat with pirate emblem


Please know that these swords are false edged. Fantastic Display Item or Costume Weapon


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