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Mini Limber for  Civil War 1861 Dahlgren Artillery Cannon
In the field, a limber would have been a common addition to any cannon, serving to provide more ammo and the tools necessary to maintain the artillery. Thus, this Civil War Limber Miniature Replica is a great addition to any cannon miniature. This limber replica is made from metal and wood, featuring real moving parts, like wheels that roll so that it can be easily moved about. The accuracy of the piece is also quite nice, featuring all the little details that really make it stand out. Set on your desk, it makes for a great historical collectible, and when you display this Civil War Limber Miniature Replica alongside a matched Civil War Canon replica, it helps to really bring that piece of artillery to life.
Limber for Cannon 210491 or other cannons and Gatling Guns, 1861-1865
All Metal and wood construction except wheels are faux wood covered in metal
Fantastic detailing
Overall assembled Length: approximately 12" , Width: approximately 6"
SKU 210492 Weight 2.1lbs.


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