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Medieval Renaissance Detachable Visor Barbute

Constructed from 18 gauge, low carbon mild steel and featuring a comfortable leather liner, this helmet is characteristic of the Italian barbute with the shape of the helmet extending all the way down to cover both sides of the face with an arch-shaped opening. A detachable full face visor secured by pins provides additional protection- the visor can be removed completely to create a traditional open-faced barbute. 24 breathing holes are arranged on the visor, 12 to both sides, allowing for a great level of ventilation which allows a wearer to breathe easier. Featuring an incredible looking high polish finish, this helmet is a great way to top off a suit of armor but can also serve as a wonderful display piece.

A war helmet of fifteenth century Italian design, the barbute was very similar to classical Greek helmets and was thought to have been influenced by the early Renaissance periods renewed interest in the ancients. For pop culture fans, the helmet worn by the X-Men villain Magneto is a traditional barbute style.


Internal Diameter, Front to back: 9 inches
Internal Diameter, Side to Side: 7.25 inches
Internal circumference: 26.75 inches
Size: One size fits most
Includes wooden display stand.


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