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Knights Templar Armor Shield

Even in the ancient days, shields weren't just a defense for a warrior to carry into battle. They were also stunning decorations, found in halls and castles.

Measuring 24 inches high by 17.5 inches wide, this wonderful testament to medieval warefare is a great conversation piece. Bound with brass and bearing a symbolic red cross, this kite shield comes ready to be hung in any armory.

Shields come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and were used throughout the centuries for defense. A shield of this type would have been used by only the wealthiest of knights, due to its brass bindings and ornate decoration.

Key Features

An Impressive Decorative Medieval Shield

Made Entirely from Quality Stainless Steel

Modeled After the Heater Shield

Has a Crackled White Finish with a Red Cross Decoration

The piece is equipped for wall hanging and is complete with a back-mounted bracket that allows one or two swords to be fixed behind the shield for an outstanding wall display.


Length: 24 inches

Width: 18 inches


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