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Knights Crescent Sword

Fantasy movies are created to take us into another world. A world full of witches and demons, dragons and trolls and other unthought of creatures. For those that take the quest into the fantasy world, they need a way to defend themselves, and this piece has the means to do so. This fantasy sword measures 43.5 inches long in total length and has a 32.75 inch long handle. The sleek steel blade is secured to the handle by a crescent moon shaped hand guard, followed by a thick leather wrapped handle that provides the ultimate in comfortable gripping support. This piece includes a sheath to store the sword in. - See more at:

43.5'' long overall, with a 32.75'' blade and a 4.2 lbs ship weight.

The handle is wrapped in leather for comfort, with a metal pommel.

The sword guard is a huge metal crescent moon, and is made to be both sturdy and lightweight.

Along with this awesome sword, you will also receive a black sheath, to complete your display and make it a true part of your fantasy collection.

The simple beauty of this blade reflects the simple beauty of the moon; always shining in the night sky, serving its purpose, without being too flashy.

Don't wait around; buy the Crescent Knight Sword with Sheath now!


Please know that these swords are false edged.

A Fantastic Display Item or Costume Weapon
Superb As a Collectible or a Gift Idea




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